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Alexander Bakhchiev and Elena Sorokina

Dear friends!

I am not fond of audio- and video-recordings and enjoy only live concerts. But Alexander Georgiyevich Bakhchiev and I loved the music we played and the people we played it for so much, that if even a small portion of our love is transmitted via these recordings, then we didn't do them in vain.

Elena Sorokina

…They truly revived the genre and brought back the phenomenon of music making at one piano.

Efrem Podgaits

Their appearance on the stage is always a jubilation — a celebration of music, joy, and beauty.

Leonid Zhivov

It was not only a perfect ensemble of two pianists but a peculiar duo theater, where we, as if at the wave of a magic wand, were transferred now to the brilliant vivaciousness of Mozart's Vienna, now to the warm, heartfelt atmosphere of the friendly Schubertiades, now to a musical and literary salon of Pushkin's era, now to the refined society of the Silver Age in Russia, and now to the French Fin de siècle.

Ruvim Ostrovsky

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